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Allotrope Foundation

In the world of chemical analytics there exists a variety of well-known methods for obtaining insight into the properties of compounds. The most prominent are HPLC, GC, MS, NMR and X-Ray.  These methods are commonly supported by proprietary digital laboratory devices that produce volumes of data in vendor-specific formats. The format differences can impede integration of this data into the scientific workflow, long term storage and availability, and generalized access.

To allow intercompany transfer of data and sharing of data among diverse R&D partners, the Allotrope Foundation and Osthus will develop a standardized data format and incorporate this standard into a framework for laboratory information and process data capture. The standardized data format is also aimed at solving the problem of long term data storage and retrieval by providing hardware- and software-neutral access to archived data.

Allotrope will work with equipment vendors and application providers to encourage adoption of the open laboratory information framework by delivering model applications that demonstrate the use of the data standards.

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