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Projects and Testimonials

Being highly specialized in R&D and having several years of experience with life sciences industry requirements, OSTHUS has implemented numerous projects which are characterized in particular by their innovative technology, new potential solutions and tangible competitive advantages for their customers.

Here are some examples of our projects:

Archiving of Analytical Data
Meta data capture ensures reusability.
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Chemical Cartridge and Compound Structure Migration
Classification reduces efforts.
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Datawarehouse Pharma Research
Research evidence summary concentrates on the strengths.
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Datawarehouse and Data Quality
Structured curation enhances data quality.
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Documentum-Sharepoint Integration
Best of both worlds simplifies teamwork.
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Drug Safety Affiliate Service
Documenting all side effects guarantees full compliance.
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Field Data Capture for Argo Science
Automated recording and encrypted transmission secures test results.
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LIMS System for Parallel Synthesis
Planning pharmaceutical synthesis accelerates processing times.
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Study Management Crop Science
Challenges of global study management have been mastered.
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Study Registration for CPG
Enhance collaboration and reuse of knowledge.
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Workflow System BioTech Research
Traceability of cell lines ensures progress.
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OSTHUS Project Workspace Data Sheet
Summary and description of OSTHUS project workspace.
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Compound Management and Logistics
Consistency accelerates experiment preparation.
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Compound Catalogue Management
Coordinated searching simplifies and improves the procurement procedure.
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OSTHUS GmbH Publications
Newspaper articles and press reports.
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