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The Allotrope Open Framework for Laboratory Information will be a new building block enabling the use of laboratory data across diverse scientific research activities by implementing a standardized laboratory data format that facilitates data exchange among proprietary vendor equipment sources and software applications.

Long term data archival in compliance with regulations, laboratory workflow support, and automation of document generation will be achieved by the introduction of the standardized data format, satisfying the need for exchange of research data across departmental and organizational boundaries.

Developed by Osthus, the Allotrope Open Framework will include governance for data standards, and model applications that demonstrate concepts and support vendor adoption. The Allotrope Open Framework will ensure broad application in the Life Sciences, with emphasis on the pharmaceutical industry.

Allotrope Open Framework Features and Benefits:

  •   A common data standard for multiple scientific disciplines
  •   Improved efficiency of R&D workflows
  •   Reduction of data management effort
  •   Automation of document generation
  •   Elimination of data transcription errors
  •   Efficient data exchange in a networked research community
  •   Improved collaboration among departmental research teams
  •   Archiving of data in compliance with regulations
  •   A common data standard for vendors of laboratory equipment
  •   Lower validation effort for new device technology

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