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Focus on Research and Development

Specialization overcomes challenges.

With our corporate culture and our solutions and services, we at OSTHUS specialize in meeting the specific requirements of research and development departments. This can be seen consistently in all our business sectors with regard to:

  • organization and choice of teams and partners
  • consultancy methodology and project structuring
  • development of process and systems solutions
  • product and service concepts

Interdisciplinary Teams and Partners

Our teams consist of scientifically and technically trained employees. When entering into partnerships, we focus on companies and organizations that specialize in providing services and solutions for R&D, or are themselves active in research and development.

The advantage: Our employees and partners know the R&D challenges from their own personal experience and can therefore adapt IT solutions under practical conditions.

Consultancy and Project Structuring

Both in consultancy and planning as well as in implementing projects, we involve researchers at an early stage in the functionality and operation of solutions, offer life sciences-oriented data and document management, ensure that flexible interface designs exist for the alignment of individual systems and adapt workflows to the working methods pursued in research.

The advantage: OSTHUS’s R&D-tailored methods accelerate project processes and save costs.

Developing Process and Systems Solutions

In conjunction with our customers, our interdisciplinary teams ensure that the processes and research challenges are converted into effective IT solutions. Our key task is to also build an integrated connection between company applications and operational processes.

The advantage: Consistently involving the user increases acceptance of the solutions and reduces the need for training.

Product and Service Concepts

IT has to adapt to reduced product development cycles and fast-changing R&D requirements. We therefore focus on flexible, service-oriented IT architectures (SOA), whereby we can change processes and applications more easily, more quickly, and more economically.

In addition, we ensure long-term competitive advantages and investment security with our performance-related systems maintenance and continuous progress in the development of our products.

The advantage: OSTHUS’s development know-how and our principle of performance-related system maintenance focus investments on actual requirements.